• M12 Connector Coding Types and Applications

    Many smart friends will find that in waterproof connectors , the arrangement of copper pins is regular. In fact, this is Connector Coding. The current international standard for M12 connectors is IEC

    2022/04/21 admin

  • What Pruducts Are Used For Smart Pole

    Smart Pole (Smart Pole / Smart Lamp Pole / Smart Light Pole / 5G Smart Pole) is based on traditional lighting functions, integrating street lighting control system, LED (light emitting diode) informat

    2022/09/24 admin

  • Different Types of Waterproof Connector Over Look

    Talking about the types of Waterproof connectors.According to the structure type distinction or function distinction: wire-to-wire waterproof connector, wire-to-board waterproof connector, board-to-bo

    2022/05/17 admin

  • What kind of waterproff connector are needed for Electric Bicycle?

    What kind of waterproof connector does an electric bike need? Let's take a look.1. 9 Pins connector for ebike motor, Maximum current 25A,Support for custom.2. D-tap battery connector is used to co

    2022/04/11 admin

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