LED lighting products energy-saving certification process and five common problems

2018-09-26 14:29:12

LED road/tunnel lighting products, LED downlights, reflective self-ballasted LED lights and other three types of LED lighting products have not been developed for a long time. Because these three types of certification business and traditional lighting product certification have great differences, enterprises are There are many problems encountered during the certification process. In order to help the company successfully complete the certification, Special Advisor invited relevant experts to answer the questions frequently encountered by the company during the certification process, including the certification mode, the necessary conditions for obtaining energy-saving certification, the unit division principle in energy-saving certification, the inspection cycle, the factory inspection content, etc. .

1. What is the process of energy-saving certification for LED lighting products?

A: The process of energy-saving certification for LED lighting products and the certification process for traditional light source lighting products


The problem to be noted is that the sample inspection is only a necessary part of the energy-saving certification. After the sample is inspected, the company must pass the factory inspection, and only one factory inspection is required for the same type of product. Second, the certification is applied to the CQC headquarters. The application is filled out on the CQC website www.cqc.com.cn. The product inspection and factory inspection tasks are arranged by the CQC headquarters, which are undertaken by the testing organization and the CQC sub-center respectively. To the problem, you need to communicate with the corresponding department, or you can coordinate with the CQC headquarters.

2. Is it necessary to obtain safety certification before obtaining energy-saving certification?

Answer: LED lighting products meet the safety requirements is a necessary condition for obtaining energy-saving certification. Energy-saving certification rules require LED lighting products to obtain safety certification first. The safety certification and energy-saving certification must be submitted separately. The types of energy-saving certification and safety certification for various products are shown in Table 1. The technical standards and certification rules are based on Tables 2 and 3.

It should be noted that the safety requirements of the energy-saving certification are different from the requirements for the individual application for safety certification. For example, LED road/tunnel lighting products, if applying for energy-saving certification, when assessing safety, it is necessary to assess the quality of the product and the applicable ambient temperature. These are not required when the product is only certified for safety.

In order to maintain the consistency of safety requirements in energy-saving certification, it is recommended that for products that have never been certified for safety, the requirements of the safety part refer to the requirements of the energy-saving certification technical specifications; for products that have obtained the CQC safety certification, when applying for energy-saving certification The application for change of the safety project shall be submitted at the same time, and the corresponding difference test shall be supplemented.

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