• M12 Connector Coding Types and Applications

    Many smart friends will find that in waterproof connectors , the arrangement of copper pins is regular. In fact, this is Connector Coding. The current international standard for M12 connectors is IEC

    2022/04/21 admin

  • What Pruducts Are Used For Smart Pole

    Smart Pole (Smart Pole / Smart Lamp Pole / Smart Light Pole / 5G Smart Pole) is based on traditional lighting functions, integrating street lighting control system, LED (light emitting diode) informat

    2022/09/24 admin

  • LED industry no longer fights capacity battles

    LED packaging manufacturer Yiguang and Japan's LED manufacturer Nichia, in the past ten years in the world, including Japan, Taiwan, Germany, the United States and other places to fight patents.


  • Different Types of Waterproof Connector Over Look

    Talking about the types of Waterproof connectors.According to the structure type distinction or function distinction: wire-to-wire waterproof connector, wire-to-board waterproof connector, board-to-bo

    2022/05/17 admin

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