LED Light Connector

  • DR-T08-M15

    M15 F Type IP68 Waterproof 2Pin Cables Connectors For Outdoor Lighting

  • DR-T15-M20

    M20 IP68 T Shape Screw Waterproof Connector

  • DR-C06-M25

    Factory Direct Manufacture M25 IP68 Circular Waterproof 3 Pin Power Cable Electrical Connector

  • DR-E01-M20

    IP68 M20 3Pin Screw Type LED Power Electrical Cable Assembly Waterproof Power Quick Connector For Lighting

  • DR-C03-M16

    IP68 Plastic M16 Mini Screw Type 4 Pin Male Female Power Connector 4 Pin Waterproof Connector

  • DR-D18-M12

    Male Female IP67 2pin 3pin 4pin 5pin 6pin 8pin Led Lighting Electrical Cable Panel Mount Waterproof Washer Connector

  • DR-D21-M16

    Factory Direct Sales IP67 Waterproof Male to Female Cable Connector with Cable Molded

  • DR-D15-M15

    IP68 M15 2pin 3pin 22AWG 24AWG Custom Outdoor Light LED Waterproof Connector Extension Cable

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